A Linux Users Group for the newcomer.

One on one help for anyone curious about or new to Linux.

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ONLINE Sessions

  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE sessions will use remote video meeting software on 24 November.
  • ONLINE Instructions given here when available. They will first be sent to our mailing lists.
  • What!


    Whatever the newest user needs to know.

    The newest user in the meeting may select the topic.

    We won't pick just one ahead of time. We will accept suggestions and requests, as the course of the meeting will be entirely up to those that attend. Join us to share the knowledge, learning experiences, problem solving and effective techniques.

    We can mostly explore the traditional Graphical User Interface (GUI), as it is easy to use, often familiar, and friendly to use. We will NOT focus on the Command Line Interface (CLI) as it is seldom required and generally optional for day to day use.

    We have access to many formal slide show presentations; but, we use them only to present information and encourage discussion. We encourage and prefer lively interaction and user questions. We always want user questions to be asked. We never think that any question is too dumb.

    A selected topic will NOT restrict the course of our meetings. These topics are tentative. They are only suggestions.

    Order of Events:

    First some simple introductions, administrative minutia, announcements, and then you can Call For Help during our Questions and Answers period.

    Sometimes we will watch a video or have a slide show presentation, after which there will be general discussions that usually lead to additional topics.

    Sometimes, there can be a live demonstration of a Linux distribution (distro) installation, updating, changes, features and applications.

    Face-to-Face Meetings

    Users that bring their laptops (or even desktops) often connect to the Internet for application installation and bookmarking of interesting web sites. Early arrival may provide enough time to assist installation, configuration and demonstration of Linux on hardware. Come early, come often!

    Items of Interest


    ONLINE Sessions

  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE session testing might use JITSI remote video meeting software.
  • Connection instructions to follow on this web page and our mailing lists.
  • When!

    Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

    from 6:30PM till 9:00PM Central Time

    Next scheduled meeting dates

    • 2020
      • 2020-11-24 ONLINE
      • 2020-12-15 ONLINE (3rd Tuesday ~ Holiday Season)
    • 2022
      • 2021-01-26 ONLINE
      • 2021-02-23 ONLINE

    Past meetings

    • 2020
      • 2020-10-27 ONLINE
      • 2020-09-22 ONLINE
      • 2020-08-25 ONLINE
      • 2020-07-28 ONLINE
      • 2020-06-23 PC ONLINE
      • 2020-05-26 IT ONLINE
      • 2020-04-28 PC ONLINE
      • 2020-03-24 TH (Library cancelled reservation)
      • 2020-02-25 RR
      • 2020-01-28 PC
    • 2019
      • 2019-12-17 PC (3rd Tuesday ~ Holiday Season)
      • 2019-11-26 PC
      • 2019-10-22 PC
      • 2019-09-24 PC
      • 2019-08-27 BT
      • 2019-07-23 PC
      • 2019-06-25 PC
      • 2019-05-28 BT
      • 2019-04-23 BT
      • 2019-03-26 PC
      • 2019-02-26 RR2
      • 2019-01-22 RR2
    • 2018
      • 2018-12-18 RR2 (3rd Tuesday)
      • 2018-11-27 PC
      • 2018-10-25 IT (4th Thursday)
      • 2018-09-25 BT
      • 2018-08-28 RR2
      • 2018-07-24 RR1
      • 2018-06-26 BT
      • 2018-05-22 BT
      • 2018-04-24 RR2
      • 2018-03-27 BT
      • 2018-02-27 BT
      • 2018-01-23 BT
    • 2017
      • 2017-12-19 IT1 (3rd Tuesday)
      • 2017-11-28 IT1
      • 2017-10-17 IT1
      • 2017-09-26 IT1
      • 2017-08-22 IT1
      • 2017-07-25 RR2
      • 2017-06-27 IT1
      • 2017-05-30 IT1
      • 2017-04-25 IT1
      • 2017-03-28 IT
      • 2017-02-14 PC
      • 2017-01-24 IT
    • We have been meeting monthly since November 2000.

    Monthly Meetings

    The Saint Louis, Missouri (MO), Newcomer Linux Users Group (NEWLUG) is for newcomers to Linux.

    Our meetings will usually be held from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM ( with rooms reserved from 6:00 for setup ) on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except December, which is usually the third Tuesday.

    We must be out of the room and building Not Later Than 9:00 PM. However, for the foreseeable future locations and days of the month will be changing.

    After a quick welcome, introduction and administrative announcements we have a Questions and Answer Period. Then we might have a short application demonstration or slide presentation to start. We may stay on that topic or go on to whatever topic the Linux Newcomers want. We talk about Linux, various Linux Distributions (Distros), installation, use, and other Free Opens Source Software (FOSS).

    There is no fee to be a member. Meetings are free and open to everyone. Skill levels may range from complete novice newcomers to experienced long-time users. So, please join us at our next meeting or event for fun, knowledge and networking.

    There are many good reasons for switching to Linux. Or, not. It all depends on individual needs. There are also some challenges that potential new users should consider. We believe most problems are offset by the advantages.

    We want to promote Linux use, attract existing Linux users, and exploit the knowledge of those existing Linux power users.

    We have reserved rooms; but, meeting topics depend on your interest. A number of local MS Windows power users frequently attend. They work with both MS Windows and Linux, and love it. Making everything work between different Operating Systems drives these individuals and they are familiar with all kinds of problems. They just continually try to sell you free software.

    The Newcomer Linux Users Group (NEWLUG) exists to provide up-to-date information to newcomers about Linux and FOSS, its associate applications, features, capabilities, limitations, community, and to provide answers to technical questions. Previously we were known as the Hazelwood LUG.

    A SLUUG Special Interest Group

    NEWLUG is a Linux Users Group (LUG) that is loosely affiliated as a Special Interest Groups (SIG) with the St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG). Under SLUUG care the room fees are paid and web page support is provided. Individual membership dues, fees or other charges are NOT required. These meetings are free, public and open to all.

    Other independent, loosely affiliated SLUUG sponsored groups:

  • St. Louis Area Computer Club
  • St. Louis Linux Users Group
  • SLUUG Sponsored meetings in the STL Metro Area

    Contact us if you have a presentation you would like considered for selection.

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