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28 June 2016

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Linux For Beginners
UPDATED Calendar
UPDATED Resource Info
Password Guide
Which Distro

This version of the HZWLUG "Information Resources for Beginners" CDROM disc menu attempts to conveniently provide relevant information to those Linux newcomers, the true beginners, that may not have fast Internet access. The latest version of this menu is available thru the above Internet link. Updated discs are available upon request.

The first seven items in the left column of this page are available on both the CDROM disc version and the Internet version. Additional items only appear in the left column when available on disc, on the actual CDROM disc. They are not on the web site mostly because of space limitations on our web server.

Nearly all disc items are easily accessible as either browsable HTML pages, Adobe PDF files, or simple TXT (text) files. Note that there may be a few .COM, .EXE, .RPM and other various file types scattered about on the disc. They are gradually being eliminated.

If you copy the CDROM disc onto your hard drive, you can see this menu by accessing the "index.html" file with your browser. Additionally, all of the left column on disc links will work on your hard drive without needing to keep the CDROM disc in your computer.

For those with Internet access, below are additional links to information:

A CALENDAR of Technical Events in the Greater St. Louis area and surrounding regions.


What’s This “Linux” Thing and Why Should I Try It?
Free/Libre Open-Source Software (FLOSS) Concept Booklet Wikibook
How to Understand FOSS An Adobe PDF File
Having your cake and eating it


Linux For Newbies Wikibook
Linux Guide Wikibook
Wikipedia, The Linux Portal
Wikipedia, The Free Software Portal
Overview of GNU/Linux
The Linux Information Project
Linux for Absolute Beginners
Linux: A Getting-Started Guide | PCWorld
Test Driving Linux

Some UNIX History...

A History of UNIX
Unix turns 40: The past, present and future of a revolutionary OS
The Unix family tree
Timeline: 40 years of Unix
On the shoulders of giants: Three Unix movers and shakers
Survey: Unix has a long and healthy future, say users

Some Linux History...

History of free software
A History of the GNU General Public License
A History of the GNU Project
A History of Linux from a GNU-centric perspective
A History of Linux from a Linux-centric perspective
A History of Cyber Criminals
A History of Debian Linux
A History of RedHat Linux
A History of Ubuntu Linux
A Linux Timeline
Microsoft Halloween documents leak
The Halloween Documents "

Look Before You Leap...

Using Linux for the wrong reasons
13 reasons why Linux won't make it to a desktop near you
Comparison of Windows and Linux
Usage share of desktop operating systems
Switching to Linux - Grokdoc
Linux Adoption
The devastating case for Windows against Linux... Longhorn... Vista...
Linux is NOT Windows

Security Is NOT A Product...

Linux vs. Windows Viruses
Linux Malware
Viruses: a concern for all of us
But That's Just My Opinion. I Could Be Wrong.
Security Analogies (List of Analogies)
Security Now
Do I need an anti-virus in Linux?
Linux = Windows anti-virus? Not!
How do I run an anti-virus scan if I can't boot?
Linux-based Anti-virus rescue CDs - and the alternatives!
Linux security - A few useful, tactical tips

Finding Application Software...

Best Linux software - The latest and greatest compilation
Linux App Finder | Helping find the Linux apps you need
Ubuntu Apps Directory
Freecode index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, and mobile applications.
The Best of Linux Software Page
List of proprietary software for Linux
List of open source software packages
The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux.
Open Source Alternatives to Commercial Apps
More Linux Alternatives to Commercial Software
Application Crossover Chart - Grokdoc
The Linux Alternative Project
Linux Equivalents to Windows Software
Linux Software Equivalent to Windows Software
Table of Equivalents - Beetlespace
Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic
Free alternatives to proprietary software - (MS Windows, Linux & Mac OS-X)
Linux software and documentation for linux
Downloadpedia - The Software Encyclopedia
Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online software
Screenshots of Applications contained in the Debian distribution

Finding Linux Ditributions (Distros)...

What is a Linux distribution (also called GNU/Linux distribution)
Find and Compare Latest Linux Distros
List of Linux LiveCD Distros
Linux or GNU Linux?
List of GNU Packages
List of Linux Distros
How to burn ISO images in Windows - Tutorial

User Interface...

Information on the GNOME Graphical User Interface
KDE vs. GNOME: Is One Better?
Who Needs the Command Line?
GNU/Linux Command Line Tools Summary
Learn the Command Line

Learning Linux...

NEW Linux Journey
NEW Free Linux Tutorials
NEW Unix (Linux) Course
FIXED Unix Tool Box
GParted partitioning software - Full tutorial
GONE Unix Help
TuxTraining (A Community Software Documentation Dump)

Learning vi or VIM text editor...

The Top 7 Reasons To Give The Vim Text Editor A Chance
NEW Learn VIM text editor
NEW The Vi Lovers Home Page
Using the vi editor

Ubuntu Linux Extras...

Install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application
Official Ubuntu Installation Documentation
Package Management in Ubuntu
Using the Ubuntu Update Manager
Using the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu
Specifying Repositories in Ubuntu
Upgrading an Existing Ubuntu Installation
Lifehacker's Top 10 Programs in Ubuntu
Setting up Evolution Email in Ubuntu

Fedora Linux (and RedHat Linux) Extras...

Resources for Fedora (RedHat) Installation and Configuration
Package Management in RedHat
Intro to Debian for RedHat Users
Differences between RedHat and Debian Linuxes

System Recovery and Control Issues...

Template:Keyboard - Wikipedia
Magic_SysRq_key - Wikipedia
fsck (File System ChecK) - Wikipedia

Boot Loader Issues...

GRUB bootloader - Full tutorial (Legacy)
GRUB Manual - Error messages reported by GRUB
GRUB 2 bootloader - Full tutorial
GNU GRUB Project Page

Hardware Issues...

Hardware Compatibility List
Linux Wireless LAN Support
How to Install and Use ndiswrapper [Video]
Ubuntu Linux Hardware Compatibility List
Fedora Linux Hardware Compatibility List
HP Linux Imaging and Printing
Linux Winmodem Support
Chipset and Modems Reference
Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers

LibreOffice Office Suite...

LibreOffice Home Page - The Document Foundation
LibreOffice - Fork of the suite (OOo) Extras... Training, Tips, and Ideas
Tutorials For OpenOffice
OpenOffice Repository for Extentions
OpenOffice Templates

Linux Magazines...

NEW Linux Voice
Linux Journal
DISC TUX has ceased publication
What is needed to set up a web site
Professional Video in Linux
Free Video Editing Software in Linux
VLC Media Player in Linux
Slashdot Article on Audio Editing with Linux

How Computer Memory Works
Understanding Binary Files
Understanding Source Code
Editing Boot Options in the BIOS
KB MB GB versus KiB MiB GiB
USA EPA Guide to Recycling Electronics
Find an E-Cycler
Networking Resources